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Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 400, 2019 - electric bike black/white 2019 £2199 or from £31 /mo Touring Hybrid: it's all in the name. This is a high performance, comfortable, fun and versatile bike that's equally at home on a long ride at the weekend or zipping through town. Completely updated for 2 View
Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 400, 2018 - electric bike navy/blue 2018 £2199 or from £31 /mo Touring Hybrid Pro 400, 2018 - electric bike navy/blue What is an Electric Bike? Put simply an Ebike is a bicycle that is electrically assisted via a motor that provides power to help push the bike along. You still have to pedal, however when the bicycle senses you are pedaling the motor provides you with plenty of additional assistance. Who Should Buy an Ebike? Ebikes can be ridden and enjoyed by any-one aged fourteen and over! Customers come from all walks of life and wildly differing motivations for purchasing an ebike. Whether you want to ditch the car because you are fed up with being stuck in traffic, want a greener form of transport, or to be able to cycles longer distances and enjoy your surroundings then a CUBE bike can definitely meet your needs and many more. View

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