What`s New Cube Cyclocross 2018!

Cube Cyclocross bikes have done very well this season due to the multiple terrain surfaces it is able to travel on. Cube have brought out six new models of Cyclocross bikes, three of them are super light carbon Frames, and three are super light aluminium frames, both top end bikes the lower end aluminium frame is perfect for those after a cycle scheme bike for commuting to work, and the higher end carbon bike is perfect for those riders who are going to give the bike a good hammering! 

What`s New Cube Cyclocross 2018!

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Light, lighter, lightest. When saving every gram is the goal, every single detail matters. We knew that choosing our premium C:62 carbon was a good start, but the Cross Race C:62 needed something special to set it apart. The answer came from an unusual direction: our engineering team decided to route cables internally via the head tube, rather than usual down the tube routing. This approach fulfilled two goals. First, it created an incredibly clean look and eliminated any cable rub. And second, it meant we didn't need to reinforce the down tube to the same extent, saving even more weight.


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