Please note: Our Brompton range of bikes must be collected in-store.

The Brompton is a finely engineered and elegant machine. It has a full-size frame, which for strength and stiffness is made mainly of steel. Thanks to a careful choice of alloys and tube sections, it`s light and the bike is easy to carry. Actual weight depends on the configuration and ranges from about nine to thirteen kilos.

All the models which include the M3, M6, S- Type & the P-type have rear suspension, which incidentally also allows instant "parking" of the bike; a very handy feature and the first step in folding.

The Brompton`s remarkable ability to fold is achieved without complexity, and its maintenance needs are much the same as for a normal bike.

Actual folding or unfolding is a simple procedure, as once parked the Brompton stands on its own leaving both hands free. There are three main parts to fold and it takes just ten to twenty seconds. When folded, a Brompton stays locked together automatically, making an extremely compact package, little larger than its wheels.

Rollers underneath make it easy to stow the bike in inaccessible corners and these can also be used for wheeling the folded bike around.

The key models M-type S-type & the P-type come properly kitted out, ready for the road, with mudguards 2 speed 3speed or 6 speed and lighting fitted as standard. For those looking for weight savings, each of these key models can be built to a superlight specification (with the suffix "-X"), with front forks, rear frame, seat pillar and other smaller features made out of titanium.

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