Claud Butler

Now the New Claud butler 2016 bikes are here!!
2015 was a great year, but this year will be better

cycling is no longer a minority pastime. maybe you have been inspired by recent cycling events, or your friends and family have been a passion for cycling. we think that you are certain to find something in this year's ranges that will satisfy your needs.

we recognise that interaction with our customers is becoming a key part of our service and we now have a great website and social media feed to keep you up to date with new competitions, products and events.

it is very important to utilise the professional experience of our national network of independent dealers. using this knowledge and experience they will help you choose the correct bike, in the correct size and also advise you on suitable accessories.

ATB: For road and light off road use

Some riders simply want the comfort and durability that a mountain bike design provides without needing all the high tech and ons. the leisure ATB is an ideal compromise utilising latest mountain bike style gears to make light work of short uphill stretches. the generous profile tyres give great road holding. the models with suspension forks also afford more comfort.

MTB: For Most Recreational off road use.

mountain bikes have durable light aluminium frames, powerful brakes for stopping quickly, and a wide range of gears for varied terrain. The Riding position is semi-upright so that you can clearly see the trail ahead. front suspension is very important for comfort and control at speed when travelling over difficult ground. these bikes also feature performance off road tyres paired with strong double wall rims to ensure they can cope with difficult terrain.

XC- TRAIL: for the more demanding off road rider

At this level the design challenge is to provide maximum strength using the lightest components. XC-Trail mountain bikes have peformance light aluminium frames including hydro-formed tubes for extra stiffness and strength, powerful disc brakes for stopping quickly downhill, the lightest performance multi-speed gear systems and the ultimate performance off-road tyres and double wall rims. long travel front suspension really helps to ensure that the rider is in complete control in the most difficult terrain. XC-Trail bikes are designed for and by, the most demanding off road riders
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