Whatever stage you are at in life, creating your own Go-kart, skateboard, bike or anything that has the ability to move and transport you to a new world of freedom has that magical feeling! Taking a box of inanimate parts, some new, some well used and trusted, and then tinkering until you come up with a whole new creation that feels familiar but is totally different to ride is a great thing to do! OK, granted, you get a good feeling from riding a nice new Pinarello, Specialized or Trek, but nothing can beat the feeling of riding something that you have created yourself. No one has got a bike quite like yours. Putting the work in, and getting some grease under your fingernails, to create something unique makes the first ride even sweeter. The enquiring glances you will get, feel good too. It's hard to describe it, but if you've ever put together your own bike, then you'll know what I mean. All our Kuk framesets are designed by us, in the UK, for the dedicated enthusiast who knows exactly what he or she wants and is not prepared to settle for a generic mass-market bike. BUILD IT. RIDE WHAT YOU CREATE. STAND APART.
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