Thoughts on performance with the SCOTT Foil 2018

The later you brake the longer you can keep your speed. We gain speed and performance not only with aerodynamics and increased power input but also with braking performance. The lines you take, the trust in your bike and management of your speed provides you with a new way of winning seconds and more possibilities to decide a race. 

make a big song & dance about this!

if you're just like: 'meh.'

Power Transfer

Power Transfer

The PF86 bottom bracket allows for wide connection of the downtube and the tapered seat tube to the BB. SCOTT's patented carbon manufacturing process and its unique carbon layup and extremely stiff bottom bracket.

Disc optimized Fork (On disk models)

The fork has been completely redesigned to manage the asymmetrical forces of disc brakes and to guarantee perfect airflow around the calipers. Internal brake cable routing and ample tire clearance accommodate up to 30C tires.

Thru-Axle Standard

Thru-Axle Standard

Thru-Axles are designed to be as quick and easy to use as regular quick release, while at the same time offering extra strength, stiffness and security. Wheels with thru axle closing mechanism offer unparalleled precision when it comes to positioning the disk brake within the brake system. Thanks to SCOTT's proprietary thru axle technology with a pitch of 1.5mm wheel changes are almost as fast as with normal QR

Comfort Zone Construction

The Foil features a low seatstay attachment which in combination with a modified and noticeably thin seat stay shape leads to a smooth riding experience even on rough roads. This concept was most evident with Mat Heyman's Paris roubaix win in 2016. The focused approach to improve comfort on the foil resulted in a sizeable in vertical compliance.



The Syncros RR1.0 bar/stem combo is crafted from high modulus carbon fibre to ensure precise steering in a lightweight, race worthy, aero-optimized design


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