Improved aero, weight and comfort: new for SCOTT 2018 Road Bikes

SCOTT's obsession with light weight can be seen throughout our entire range of road bicycles meeting the needs of both professional and recreational cyclists alike. Be it one of the lightest production frames on the market, aerodynamic pioneering or a unique comfort concept- SCOTT does not spare any effort to create the best bike for each segment. 

Improved aero, weight and comfort: new for SCOTT 2018 Road Bikes

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Years ago, SCOTT was one of the first manufacturers to implement tube-to-tube technology, allowing the for high quantity production of lightweight frames. extensive knowledge in engineering and manufacturing of high-end Carbon frames resulted in the development of the novel iMP technology. lMP combination with the use of exclusive raw material such as HMX-SL Carbon fiber allows for the production of even lighter Carbon frames. The close and sustained collaboration with the same production partners ensures that know-how is maintained and that the manufacturing process, particularly with regards to weight, is continuously optimized. The Addict series reflects SCOTT's ambition to be the leader when it comes to lightweight production bikes.



Back in 2010 SCOTT introduced the Foil, an aerodynamically optimized road bike that featured truncated airfoils which are now used on many aero bikes today. SCOTT was one of the first bike manufacturers to file a patent for this specific airfoil shape. With the truncated airfoil, SCOTT's Aerodynamic Science unit intended to work around the drawbacks of UCI-regulations that give a limit of a 3:1 airfoil ratio. As a consequence of this regulation, aerodynamic tube shapes, with their traditional tear drop shape often lack the required stiffness or the additional material required to achieve the required stiffness, resulting in an added weight penalty. The truncation of the airfoil solves this issue. While the aerodynamic performance of the airfoil is comparable to a traditional tear drop airfoil, stiffness and weight characteristics are substantially improved As much as its predecessor, the new Foil is an aero bike to the core that maintains a low weight room because for our professionals, every gram counts.


The legendary CR1 first featured SCOTT's proprietary Shock Damping System (SDS). Tube shape design, the choice of carbon fiber types and the orientation of these during the manufacturing process are done with the ultimate goal in mind of improving shock dampening and vibration absorption abilities of the frame without compromising power transfer. SCOTT's Carbon expertise enables the design of comfortable frames without integrating heavy, non-Carbon elements such as pivots or damping material.


When the Plasma 3 project was initiated back in 2009, a team of several engineers was created that was fully dedicated to scientific research in aerodynamics along with the development of products based on the gathered findings. Over the past few years, the engineering team has spent a lot of time to turn their research into class-leading products. In 2014, SCOTT successfully introduced the Plasma 5, the world's most advanced Triathlon and TT bike. Later in the same year, Sebastien Kienle won the lM World Championships in Hawaii on the new Plasma 5 and Matthias Brandle set a new hour record riding a modified version of the Plasma 5 on the track.



when we introduced the Addict back in 2008, it was already first the lightest bike on the market and seen as the benchmark for the industry. Over the years the family has grown and is now probably the most complete bike series out there. From an ultra-lightweight road bike to the versatile gravel grinder, there are many models to choose from to delight lightweight fans in every discipline. The tips of our proverbial lightweight icebergs are still our Racing Concept models (Rc). These products have been developed to give riders that edge to take the biggest wins in the sport. The remarkably lightweight frame makes the RC every climber's dream bike. Additionally, we've introduced a more affordable version which comes with an endurance geometry for even more compliance to fit the needs of everyday riders. Those who don't want to stick to asphalt can go off-road with either TGravel or our CX Thanks to its incredibly powerful carbon fibers all addict models still have the same main feature- a remarkably light weight frame. For better control, regardless of weather conditions most models are now available with disc brakes.


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