Haibikes for Sale - Best E-Bikes (EMTB) buys for 2019 and under £2500

Haibike have now produced some really good value E-Bikes for 2019 starting from only £1749.00. They all now come with the latest E-Bike Tech like new LCD displays and a mixture of Yamaha and Bosch motors. Their Bosch CX E-Bikes now start from only £2199.00 that is roughly 20% cheaper than last year which makes them the market leader and very competitive indeed.

Haibikes for Sale - Best E-Bikes (EMTB) buys for 2019 and under £2500

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Haibike S Duro Hardnine 4.0 £2199rrp

Haibike S Duro Hardnine 4.0  £2199rrp

The most popular Electric bike (EMTB) for 2019 we all think is going to be the Haibike S Duro Hardnine 4.0 it comes with the most powerful Bosch CX Motor which will let you climb almost any terrain. The frame is made from a lightweight alloy and has many other good features like 10 speed Shimano deore gears, Powerful Tektro Hydro bikes and is also able to be equipped with mudguards and a rear rack if you decided to go even further.

Habike S Duo Hardseven 1.0 £1749rrp

Habike S Duo Hardseven 1.0 £1749rrp

This Haibike S Duro Hardseven 1.0 is Haibikes entry level Electric bike. It is far from entry level though it comes equipped with the new version of the Yamaha motor called the PW. The PW is really powerful motor and has have a battery capacity of around 50 miles on one charge. The new LCD screen is much more easier to navigate and has more functions. It also comes with a quick charger which takes half the time to charge. All in all this Haibike is an excellent choice if you have a budget of under 2k.

Haibike S Duro Hardnine 2.5 £1949.00rrp

Haibike S Duro Hardnine 2.5 £1949.00rrp

Looking for an E-Bike to commute to work on for under to 2K then Haibike have the perfect answer. The Haibike S Duro Hardnine 2.5 comes equipped everything you need for commuting like full mudguards to keep you clean, lighting for those dark rides home and a powerful Yamaha PW motor with a capacity of around 50 -60 miles so you will not run out of charge.

Haibike S duro Trekking 3.0 £2399rrp

Haibike S duro Trekking 3.0  £2399rrp

haibike S duro Trekking 3.0 is equipped with everything you need for general computing/trail riding. It comes in a low frame ladies version as well. This hybrid bike has the Bosch performance CX motor with a 500W hour battery which will be able to climb the tallest of hills and not run out of battery when you reach the top. The display has been upgraded to Intuvia which has a lot more clearer functions as well as walk assist. The Shimano Alivio 9 speed gears and the powerful tektro disk brakes come as standard. Last of all the Haibike comes full equipped with SKS mudguards and fully integrated front and rear lights. The price has been reduced by £200 for 2019 so it makes it one of the most competitive.


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