The New 2020 Cube Acid Electric Mountain Bike

Simple. Adaptable. Dependable. The Acid Hybrid takes go-anywhere practicality and wraps it up in a sleek, affordable and easy-to-live-with package. Ride to work or take to the hills, it's all the same to this versatile e-bike and its advanced Bosch drive system. Power, on tap.


The New 2020 Cube Acid Electric Mountain Bike
Easy Mount Kickstand

Easy Mount Kickstand

The Easy Mount Kickstand is a new system developed and designed by CUBE. The base of the stand is mounted from below to a fitting plate integrated to the frame and fixed with a through bolt. This kickstand is extremely stiff and solid through the enlarged contact areas between base and frame which gives a stable stand even with loaded panniers.

Bike classification category: 3

Bike classification category: 3

Meant for riding on ways like:

tarmac roads and bicycle routes
ways paved by gravel, sand or similar materials (e.g. re road, dirt road)
paved and non paved hiking trails where roots, thresholds, rocks and drops are more often

In doing so the wheels have constant contact to the ground or lose contact for a split of a moment due to small uneven terrain like roots (-> no jumps, no riding on one wheel neither front or rear, no braking that causes the rear wheel to lift up)

Important: Please note that when using kickstands, mudguards, luggage carriers, as well as bicycle trailers the application area of the model always changes to classification category 2.






Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for sportive riding

Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off-road and in city traffic

Steady support for long tours

Effective support at maximum efficiency for maximum range

No support, all on-board computer functions are available

*The eMTB Mode, which is specially conceived for the Performance Line CX, dynamically switches between the Tour and Turbo riding modes, offering progressive motor support for maximum performance on the trail.

Power Output

Power Output

With a sporty torque of 65 Nm and high performance, the drive unit always provides the right support at the right moment, even in the mountains. The riding sensation remains natural with almost no pedal resistance when switched off and at over 25 km/h. Easy and silent support - for maximum riding pleasure.


For a powerful start on steep uphill sections and on rough terrain: the eMTB mode replaces the previous ‘Sport’ mode in the Performance Line CX drive unit and switches between ‘Tour’ and ‘Turbo’ riding modes. With a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the motor dynamically supports the rider’s own pedal power by between 120 and 300 percent in eMTB mode, depending on the pressure applied to the pedals. Improved start-up behaviour guarantees optimal support in all terrains and on any trail. The dealer can upgrade the Performance Line CX at any time with the new eMTB mode or, if desired, load the classic Sport mode. In eMTB mode, the rider receives the required power – always precisely at the right moment. Enjoy smooth starts, cover ground more easily and arrive at your destination after an exhilarating riding sensation: that’s what the flow of the Performance Line CX is all about.

BETTER POWER DELIVERY: Ensures maximum traction and control.

SPORTY STARTING: Perfect start-up behaviour as soon as you step onto the pedals.

IMPROVED DYNAMICS: Enables effortless riding on technical uphill trails or over obstacles.

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